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März 2024

Thank you for the invitation to talk about "Embodiment and Warm-up"!

Please check out Matthias Youtube Channel "Teaching Saxophone"- there is a lot to discover!


Dezember 2023

What a beautiful way to end the year! I had the chance to play two family concerts with Andrew Bond and his band in the Hallenstadion Zürich. 

If you want to listen to the live recordings you can download them here

And Here you can watch the concert!

Bildschirm­foto 2023-12-29 um 6.52.49 PM.png
Bildschirm­foto 2023-12-29 um 6.52.30 PM.png
Bildschirm­foto 2023-12-29 um 6.49.29 PM.png
Bildschirm­foto 2023-12-29 um 6.58.50 PM.png

Swiss Jazz Orchestra

September 2023

Bildschirm­foto 2023-09-29 um 10.32.27 AM.png
Bildschirm­foto 2023-09-29 um 10.27_edit

Super happy to be playing almost every monday in the Swiss Jazz Orchestra in the upcoming season. 

Check out our guests that will be featured by this amazing bigband; Dick Oatts, Gary Smulyan, Orion Lion, Guillermo Klein, Philipp Henzi, Claudia Döffinger, Carolina Davis - to only name a few. 

August 2023

All around Basel, Art in public spaces

I had the pleasure to write and produce music for Marcel Scheibles newest production entitled «all around Basel | art in public spaces». 

The kick-off  took place on Saturday, August 26, 2023 in the Tinguely Museum Basel. 


Monument to a Lost Glove - The red glove, seemingly made of leather, lies lost on the ground. But anyone who tries to pick it up is surprised to find that it is made of plastic and firmly anchored to the ground. According to Ilya Kabakov, the artist of this sculpture, it is even a monument. But whom or what is supposed to be commemorated? And how big does a monument have to be?

Juni 2023

New Jazz Collective

Charlotte Lang - alto & bari sax

Amaury Cabral Jorge - electric guitar

Ciara Moser - electric bass

Lumanyano Mzi - drums

169 Mass is a collective of musicians hailing from different parts of the world including South Africa, Austria, Switzerland and the Dominican Republic. 

The band formed last summer after meeting through the Berklee Global Jazz Institute and the Jazz and Gender Justice Institute, both housed in the building at 169 Massachusetts Ave. 

The band members immediately felt a strong musical and personal connection, and began to explore new sounds and ideas together. 

Their music is a fusion of their diverse cultural backgrounds and their shared love of modern jazz. 

Each band member contributes their own compositions, resulting in a collaborative and cohesive sound. Despite their different backgrounds, the band members have found common ground in their love of music and their desire to promote unity, inclusivity, peace, and love through their art. 

Their music is a reflection of their individual journeys and experiences, and their performances are filled with energy, passion, and a sense of community. 

Whether playing together in early morning sessions or having deep talks over lunch, the members of 169 Mass are more than just a band – they are a family. 

Their music is a celebration of their bond and the power of music to bring people together.


Juni 2023

"Jazz Women Network is a space for female jazz musicians to internationally network, and for jazz festival and club organizers to see who is out there. In addition, there are many organizations that support women in jazz. Here you have the possibility to register your organization." (Website)

Jazz Women Network Charlotte Lang

Mai 2023

Charlottes Blog - month 8 & 9 


The Swiss newspaper JAZZTIME gave me the opportunity to write a monthly blog about my life in in Boston! :) 

Here you can see the eights and ninth month I spent in the USA...

April 2023

Keep an Eye Jazz Award

I still can't believe that we won the Keep an Eye Jazz Award 2023 with the "Global Jazz ambassadors"!

April 2023

Charlottes Blog - months 6 & 7  


The Swiss newspaper JAZZTIME gave me the opportunity to write a monthly blog about my life in in Boston! :) 

Here you can see the sixth and seventh month I spent in the USA...

April 2023

EP Recording

We just recorded our first EP in the renowned The Record Co  in Boston, MA. Here are a few impressions of our studio session with our engineer Ciaran de Chaud captured by Erin Crowley

Charlotte Lang mit Bassklarinette
Charlotte Lang im Studio

 "HUG" is a European Jazz Quartett (Switzerland, Sweden, Israel) founded by Swiss saxophonist Charlotte Lang. The compositions and Charlotte Lang's variety of instruments create the foundation for their warm and contrasting sound that captivates and inspires. 

The powerful and acoustic sound of "HUG" forms a unique sound journey. 

Their debut album will be recorded in April 2023 at the renowned "The Record Co." studios in Boston. 

February 2023

Charlottes Blog - months 4 & 5  


The Swiss newspaper JAZZTIME gave me the opportunity to write a monthly blog about my life in in Boston! :) 

Here you can see the fourth and fifth month I spent in the USA...

Panama Jazz Festival

& Danilo Pérez Foundation

January 2023

We got the chance to travel to Panama and teach & play at the wonderful Danilo Pérez Foundation and the Panama Jazz Festival. 
I had such an amazing time sharing the stage with so many amazing musicians and I can’t wait to hopefully come back!

Sister in Jazz - what a week!

January 2023

We had a blast! I am so thankful for this amazing opportunity.

Sisters in Jazz

I'm a Sister in Jazz selectee!!!

December 2023

I am so thankful. I am one of the 5 selectees of the "Sister in Jazz Collegiate Combo" 2023.
Thank you Jazz Education Network! What an honor to work with Marion Hayden! 
Congrats to all of you! Kal Ferretti, Lana Drincic, Destiny Diggs-Pinto and Holly Channell! What a band!!

Sisters in Jazz selectee

Swiss Jazz Orchestra

Album out!

Swiss Jazz Orchestra Album mit Christoph Irniger

"The Music of Pilgrim" contains mostly arrangements of Christoph Irnigers quintet, which were recorded live at last year's Unerhört! Festival in Zurich CH and is now available on NWOG Records for purchase, download or streaming on your favorite platforms here! Christoph Irniger and the SJO are a combination that fits very well. For the premiere of the collaboration last year, Irniger immediately wrote an evening-long program. A live album was created from it. 

November 2022

BuJazzO meets Charlotte Lang

3 part interview

November 2022

"In our series "BuJazzO meets" we let current and former BuJazzO musicians, lecturers and composers, with whom we have been able to work in recent years, have their say. They tell you how they came to jazz, which role models they have, talk about their student days, current projects and their collaboration with the Bundesjazzorchestra." (website)


pre-order the debut album Balancing Act

October 2022

deb. Albumcover

deb.s first and second singles are out! Our debut album Balancing Act is set for release in January 2023. It tells the story of relationships and the highs and lows that come with them. Balancing between emotions is sometimes destabilizing. It’s like being on a boat in the open sea.

Have a listen and enjoy our first single "Look Who's Here"!

.....And our second single "Isola". 

Charlottes Boston Blog


The Swiss newspaper JAZZTIME gave me the opportunity to write a monthly blog about my life in in Boston! :) 

Here you can see the first 3 month I spent in the USA...

Berklee College of Music

Master of Music in Global Jazz

Logo Berklee College of Music


I am beyond happy to announce I that me and my saxophones will be pursuing my "Masters of Music in Global Jazz" at Berklee College of Music in Boston in Fall 2022

Me and my saxophone(s)

Little feature @JAZZTIME

The Swiss newspaper JAZZTIME wrote a nice article about me, my music, my saxophones and many more. 

Charlotte Lang im JAZZTIME


"The BUNDESJAZZORCHESTER plays the title "Monsieur Pf" (composer / arranger: Steffen Schorn) under the direction of Ansgar Striepens. Steffen Schorn plays the bass flute and the bass clarinet, Jakob Bänsch is on the trumpet, Roman Fritsch on the baritone saxophone, Charlotte Lang on the tubax and Paul Albrecht on the drums. Recorded as part of the final concert of the joint workshop week with the WDR BIG BAND in the WDR Funkhaus / Cologne (September 2021).

Every two years, the renowned professionals of the WDR BIG BAND meet the motivated young musicians of the BUNDESJAZZORCHESTER. For the fifth time the young musicians benefit from this lively cooperation. Coachings, workshops, exchange of ideas, rehearsals and concerts in Heek and Cologne. For the young jazz musicians is it is a unique opportunity observe the experienced colleagues during intensive rehearsals and concerts, to get advices and to exchange ideas about style and technique."

UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra

Last june I had the honor to play with the UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra feat. Jimi Tenor under the direction of Ed Partyka and at the Torino Jazz Festival in Italy.

SOFIA - Jazzbaragge Jam

After an amazing concert of the new SOFIA - Support Of Female Improvising Artists I had the pleasure to jam with great musicians. Here you can have an impression of it by Nils Mehr:

ZJO feat. Thomas Gansch

In february 2022 I had the honor to play with the Zurich Jazz Orchester and Thomas Gansch in the Moods Zürich Club.

Have a look at the two videos and some nice pictures by Palma Fiacco.